The Duck

The heart of our company.

The duck that is raised is the mulard breed. It is a calm duck, easy to raise, educate and hole. You get fatter easily, reaching a weight of more than 4 kg, with a good, dense and fatty liver.
After this time, the ducks are outdoors for about 12 weeks, in places where they have access to water, shade and food without being given any type of hormones or antibiotics.
Ducklings arrive at the farms 3 days old. They spend the first 15 days in air-conditioned warehouses, on beds of pine shavings developing their fine yellow down.
When they reach the optimum age to be able to assume the fattening phase, corroborated by the strict controls of weight and health balance to which they are subjected, the ducks go to air-conditioned warehouses. There, they are stuffed twice a day exclusively with whole corn, previously blanched to facilitate digestion.
As migratory birds, they convert cornstarch into fat that they store in their liver. In 2 weeks of stuffing they get exceptional meat and liver.
To guarantee the highest quality of our product, the duck is slaughtered in the slaughterhouse integrated in the same farms. Once gutted, it is transported to the company's facilities, where we do its cutting, packaging and distribution.

Professionalism in the process

Throughout the process until labeling, each manufacturing stage is carried out by our team of professionals, with a great traditional know-how combined with the use of modern techniques and cutting-edge technology that, together with computerized means, help to improve conditions. hygiene and ensure scrupulous respect for current regulations.